...flying thirty-six inches above the earth

Somewhere on I-285 between Roswell and Santa Fe is Vaughn, NM. It is part of the 100-mile desert nether surrounding Roswell.
Outside of Roswell, NM. There are a number of abandoned towns and structures on the route with random inhabitants.
Vaughn is the biggest ghost town on that span of highway with a population of under 500. Most of my photos taken there were exposed, not sure how.
 Of particular interest was Pintada Kid Recording. These were on a separate roll, fortunately. The signs read,

The lights were off but you found me easy.

Midwest City, OK
Britten Truck Stop, TX. Apparently this has some lore about it.
While I was pulled onto the shoulder taking this, a police officer pulled up behind me, questioned me, had me empty my pockets, searched my car.
Factory Farm on I-40 in TX.

Buddha says most folks are lost and that's birthright. I'll never pull myself together and that's liberation.

Interstate 40, between Red Rock Canyon, TN, and Oklahoma City, OK

Williamsport, TN

At least it is me who is always falling apart and coming together.

Holland, NY
Niagra River, Buffalo, NY

Niagra Falls, ON