Hero Worship: Nestor Alemndros

He was brilliant. He is why the films Maitresse, Suzanne's Career, and Days of Heaven are so beautiful. He is legendary and this is a small tribute to Cinematographer Nestor Almendros. He was a school teacher in Cuba before he emigrated to France and became a camera man. He worked with Francois Truffaut, Jack Nicholson, Eric Rohmer, Barbet Schroeder, & Terrence Malick. He made sexuality beautiful and performed miracles with natural light. He made poems, paintings, sonnets, novels out of light and actors. He was truly brilliant. He died in 1992. The oscar and slew of other awards he won don't do his simple, fantastic art justice. He has many disciples, but no equal when it comes to portraying simplicity so divinely.

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