ON everything is me for this... *9*

My views on Everything.
-Debussy is Visual
-George W. Bush ruined the planet
-Raul Castro is now dictator of Cuba
-Barack Obama is who i'm voting in this election for (i'm secretly 21)
-Israel rules, American government should pay more attention to Israel, they are more important than Iraq
-Go Same-sex marriage
-The Congregation is my home country
-I believe in Piano, and nothing else
-Music is everything, those you can't hear it suck
-It rained in Dave's basement before a gig
-Dave's mom makes good food
-Damn...it's child proof


Ginny said...

That was Cooper, yay!
It didn't rain, Cooper, it was the washing machine raining soapy water because Shelley kicked it. xD Well, not technically--but I remember someone mentioning that.

cooper mckim said...

maybe. but i'm almost positive it rained. That was basements usually do anyway. rain, u know

Ginny said...

no. it was not raining! pfft, positive...it was the washing machine.