Snow Day Adventures..!

At the beginning of the day, I woke up expecting we would be going to school like usual. I checked the school website (because whenever it snows I check just in case) and it said "SCHOOL CLOSED - FRI. DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER." Although I did not know what the word "inclement" meant, I knew that it was the beginning of a snow day. I made a snow man, I threw snow balls at trees, and I was forced to shovel paths and sweep off snow from cars. 

Unfortunately, after cleaning off paths and cars it continued to snow and, well, it got covered again. Fortunately, I was able to check was the word "inclement" meant. I was too lazy to kick out the dictionary, so I used my computer. 

"Inclement - adjective (of the weather) unpleasantly cold or wet"

I called one friend and asked her to come over to my house and we got into a snow ball fight. It was wet, wet, wet! It was fun, but it did not compare to my adventures that happened later.

Alex--NO! Cutie, Holly, Samantha and Sebastian appeared at my home. Immediately we began throwing snow balls and making more snow men. The first snow ball in the snow man was very fat, and by the request of Holly, the other two part were very small. It ended up looking like a fat, short french man. Oddly, while we made a snow man and threw snow at each other Cutie disappeared. We looked with our eyes (but not really because we were lazy) and saw him lurking in the shadows.

After a while, I was craving gummy bears and in attempt to get him to come back I screamed out "WE ARE GOING TO GO EAT GUMMY BEARS AND WHATEVER ALEX'S FAVORITE FOOD IS!" We then proceeded to go back into my house where it was warm and we were all...wet. We went to my room and opened my window, leaning forward and scooping up snow from the roof just in case. Somehow, Cutie slipped behind a tree in front of us and we saw him! 

We all took turns going outside and luring him back in, but nothing worked.  First, I went outside in my mukluks (SPELLING?) and pj pants and started to chase him and throw snowballs. I got cold and said "retreat!" and we both retreated to our original positions. Then Sebastian went out and they got into a heated snow ball fight! I went onto the roof as far as I could without falling (while Samantha held my feet just in case) and got some snow to make a snowball. I tried to throw it but it didn't work.

He came in and Cutie stayed outside. So Holly went outside. We had been pretending to be penguins, so she continued that way. She chased him around while walking like a penguin. Unable to come up with a response, Cutie ran away. Holly pretended to be going to the diner and went to the car, opened the door, sat down, opened the door, and then came back. She began to talk about her "adventures" at the diner with shelley and picc and...someone else I forget the name of. We screamed out ideas from my window. She came back in and I went out because he had kicked our snowman over. I was pissed! So I pushed him over and he pushed me over and we threw snowballs and I went inside.

I think he came in after that. My socks were wet. We played duck, duck goose/penguin/pheonix and we chased each other around the house and sat in eachother's seats and then we were so loud! My parent came into the room and kicked them out politely. It was very fun. : ]

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