why doesn't anyone cry about whats going on in the world?
It shows how perverted our society is, that we're so self absorbed we can't think outside ourselves, our area code or our country. I watched a movie last week that killed me. Its called Sometimes in Spring and its about the genocide that happened in Rwanda. Its a hard movie, really heavy. But those kind of movies are the most important to see. I watched it when I was upset at my mother and after I felt so incredibly grateful for everything I have. We're all so lucky. Its easy to forget sometimes. I want to try to stop forgetting how good I have it and appreciate my luck at not being born a Tutsi in Rwanda. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I did in a past life to deserve to have it so good now. I could just have easily been born to another family, in another country, and a totally different world. It blows my mind. Being, and knowing that I'm fortunate I feel like I have a responsability to share, to give and to help.
This is all from me for now. More late friends.

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Scout said...

And yet there's greed. And yet there's hate. And yet there's vanity. And yet. And yet. And yet.