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Under the article for the Morrissey song "You Have Killed Me" someone made mention of the references to Director Pier Paolo Pasolini and his first movie Accatone, about a criminal who can't support his ex-wife and son. He is miserable and angsty in that Neo-realist way that Pasolini perfected in the early 60s. The line goes "Pasolini is me, Accatone you'll be." The second verse consists of the lines "Visconti is me, Magnani you'll never be", in reference to the film Bellissima, or any film she ever made for an Italian, they were all pretty much the same.

Someone thought that the Visconti mentioned in the song was Bowie producer/bassist Tony Vischonti. Good thing they have smart ass film hounds like me to make them feel stupid.

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