"Amédée" or "How to Get Rid of It" - A Comedy

I cannot even begin to fathom how this play could ever be staged unless magic existed. Throughout it's three acts, mushrooms (poisonous, at that) spring up from the ground, increase in size, and glow. A corpse slowly, but surely, swells and lengthens. The corpse is pulled and pushed over distances by Madeleine and Amédée, and is finally wrapped around Amédée, who is then lifted off the ground and floats away. Day becomes night, shooting stars soar across stage, the hands of clock rotate in time with the growth of the corpse.

Regardless, it is amazing - mesmerizing! - and I highly recommend it. If you liked "The Bald Soprano", you will definitely love this one.


Basho said...

As impractical as some of that sounds I say only half of it is really impossible.

Basho said...

So when are you putting up the cast list?