Attention = Quality

Morning Theft's new album is available for free on the online. Just like Radiohead. Hey come to think of it, a lot of bands have been releasing albums and other music online for free before Madonna or Trent Reznor or Radiohead thought of it. John Frusciante, Explosions in the Sky, Nels Cline, Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys, Elliott Smith's entire B-side collection. Maybe it's cause all along there have been people who sincerely just want you to hear music and don't give a good goddamn who walks away with the money. Maybe it's been true all along but people don't pay any attention until arena-sized bands start acting strange.

You know what would be more groundbreaking and interesting? The vinyl only release renaissance. The Decemberists got the idea with their extra disc of Tracks and I think maybe it's Matador or Saddle Creek that started releasing vinyl with codes for free mp3 downloads of the entire album. That's a press-feast I could get behind.

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