because i have an inability to write anything else.

i have no ability to write anything besides tidbits about things that i do. today i made a bonfire from lots of fallen tree limbs and such. at my house, there is a small fire pit where we can make fires. it when away after awhile, so i found a stick made for a marshmallow, set it on fire, and tried to set other pieces of wood on fire. it did not work, but it was a good try. my dad came out and made it a big fire again. it made me happy. i like bonfires! hah. :]


Scout said...

little one, these are fine.

Inspiration for the long post will come eventually. Just you wait.

Basho said...

This is Splendid!
You've made my day!
...even though I can't eat marshmallows :(

Theo said...

i didn't end up eating any marshmallows my sister ate mine! and i don't like marshmallows much.