Did Anyone Else Catch This

There's some stupid, mindless trashy film called Never Back Down coming out. The online advertisement campaign has started using reviews from members on IMDB, because the only people who liked it aren't critics, just people with Internet Movie Database accounts. Algigg said it was the best film he'd seen so far this year (good criteria, it's fucking march). Blinkmaneast89 had this to say:

great movie, 14 March 2008
Author: blinkmaneast89 from Canada
I went to the movies tonight not really sure what to expect. However when i left i was very pleased and i enjoyed this film very much.
The acting in it is very well done, and Dijimon Honsou adds a great character to the story. The plot is very good, and the fighting is also top notch.
Sean Faris as Jake Tyler really impressed me, i had never heard of him before this movie, but i thought he did a good job. Amber Heard also does a great job of playing Baja Miller, she is very attractive and is also very convincing.
Overall it was a very good movie and i would watch it again and again.

In case no one else figured this out: a capsule review with nothing but good things to say with an account name with no significance. I'm pretty sure the makers of this film just made somebody up and posted this comment so they could pretend someone liked it because no one else did and this user has never commented on anything else. This is the lowest thing I have ever heard of before. It was bad enough that this damned thing was made, but now to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and then lie about what you found. Good god. On this same message board some other people said that they liked it because either the leads were attractive or they were fans of UFC. None of these were proofread. Someone said that Step Up 2 the Streets was a better movie. I can't believe my eyes sometimes. This means that producers know full well that there films are no good but insist on pouring money into them like feed into a trough.

My tolerance for critical opinion was already low, but now that I know that people legimately don't care what they have to say, I know that film criticism and producing as a career is ludicrous and irrelevant. Everyone involved should be more than ashamed of themselves.

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