Klaus Nomi

While I'm at it, I DARE you to discover the incredible greatness that is Klaus Nomi. Designed David Bowie clothing, a gay performance artist who died of aids in the early 80s. And weird - no, that is an understatement.

After watching these, I suggest you type in Klaus Nomi Ding Dong, and Klaus Nomi The Twist in a youtube search. No, I won't tell you what it is.


shelley said...

This is very peculiar. He demonstrates:
-the voice of an opera singer
-the constrained body movement of C-3PO
-the appearance of a strange, bewildered goth mime
-the torso of a baseball plate
-the background music of quintessential 80's pop rock

Scout said...

He has absolutely nothing to prove or gain, which makes him more of an artist than I'll ever be.

Basho said...

I especially like the back up dancers