"Do Angels Exist?" "Do You Believe in Aliens?" "Is Global Warming Real?"

I stumbled across a website where people take surveys, and apparently their input is appreciated by some greater power. I thought I'd share some results. I don't spend hours on the Internet, so I can't tell you who these people are that vote on websites, but I can tell you that these results from "popular" surveys are the same people voting.

So, when asked: Is Al Gore right when he states that humans are responsible for Global Warming?
46.81% said yes and 53.19% said no.

Next question: Do angels, in whatever form they my take, truly exist?
70.46% said yes and 29.54% said no.

It gets better: Are we being visited by aliens from outside this solar system?
62.21% said yes and 37.79% said no.

Lastly: Do Ghosts really exist? Are we experiencing visitors from beyond the grave?
86.79% said yes and 13.21% said no.

So, in summary, the average Internet-site-goer-who-votes-on-surveys-and-possibly-votes-for-the-president-of-the-United-States believes that ghosts, aliens, and angels are real, but that there is no way in hell that humans are destroying the earth. Maybe the aliens are responsible.

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