Nat Baldwin Kills It At Hampshire College

Well Hampshire may not be for everyone (about half of the people who go there figure out that what they actually want is a lot of guidelines because when they were kids their parents weren't strict enough with them, but there was always an emphasis on getting good grades, and then they just acted disappointed more than anything when you came home with a C in the sixth grade, and so you'd be happier at UC Berkeley), they do have a penchant for bringing in really sweet musicians for unconventional sets.

This video from 420Fest showcases Nat Baldwin's ability to hold a room in the palm of his hand, even while supporting an enormous upright bass. Baldwin is one of my favorite singer songwriters, and it's possibly because he writes and plays them all on that gorgeous upright bass without using a loop pedal. He's remarkably talented and his songs are all a little out of the ordinary but are just the right blend of sharp, strange and melodic enough to satisfy fans of The Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio, Andrew Bird, or Lou Reed. Baldwin did a stint as a member of Dave Longstreth's excellent, frantic band Dirty Projectors and he'll be joining them again for their summer tour and possibly beyond. Both bands are on the myspace and beyond. Dirty Projectors start a North American tour supporting TVOTR on the 22nd of May in Oakland, then they arch north and come back down to New York on the 5th of June, and then keep going south to Charlotte, NC on the 11th of June. Their new record Bitte Orca comes out on June 9th. Baldwin's solo records can be found here.

The Songs are: Lifted, Real Fakes, Extended Weed Jam Solo, and Weights.
His Myspace

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