Some people write about music/Some people play it

So let's do it you guys!
You are just driving me crazy, crazy, crazy! You know I can't do this by myself.
I can't even get my hair washed on a regular schedule. I've got all these half written songs but I don't like any of them and I don't know how to strum more than maybe three different ways and I can't, can't, CANNOT do it by my lonesome. Not that I haven't tried. I did! I do!
I am terrible at teaching myself. I found this out a long time ago. This is why I'm still in high school and home schooling sucks for a lot of kids.
And I honestly I don't care about making CDs or playing shows or whatever else. I only started recording stuff so I could remember how to play it later. So no pressure!
I'm all itchy! (but in all fairness this could also be due to the shampooing situation.) and playing music by yourself is just no fun on top of all that.
don't you miss that feeling of togetherness? Of making something really cool with your friends? I do. I had that in dance too, in the corps. Now I gots nothing. and it's just no good. Also, I'm not blaming anyone for this lack of face to face music. Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

I started watching Catch 22 last night and then fell asleep. This not a bad reflection on the film, mind you. I do this a lot. It's a trend.
Take tonight pour example: Lord of the Rings: Rivendale! ASLEEP!
I ate a lot of food today.
and I walked a lot of adorable doggies.
and I listened to some pretty adorable songs by this chick. So that's what made me want to say all this. I was originally going to post another song but then I realized it's GARBAGE. So... yes. People need to start taking me up on my song writing/coffee drinking/dating/twilighting/getting drunk on cherry vodka invitations.
But maybe that's a story for another day.


Scøut said...

Actually, it's rivendell

Just, uh....thought I'd let you know.

shel said...

scøut, i was going to say that, and then i didn't :D did you finish your punctuation challenge?

and about all the stuff diz wrote,

p.s. cherry vodka

Dizzy said...

You two are jerk faces. Also, DORKS!
I'm glad I'm hanging out with Monica and Danielle and going shopping and watching movies and getting trashed instead of doing all that with either of you.
P.>S Get lost in the mines of moria, losers!

shel said...

*nasally voice* EWAH MY GLEHHHSES */nasally voice*