First draft of presidential speech circa Spring, 2009

Sarah: hello, I'm Sarah Duff or "Dizzy Puff", depending on your mood, and this is Rachel "The Tiger Tafoya", and we have come up here to preach to you about how to save the environment while still supporting democracy (we may look like communists, but I promise you, we just like the color red). I assure you!

Rachel: Now, Sarah came here last year, and that may not seem like a long time, but she really liked what Solebury was about. She saw the heart of this place a-pounding with love and compassion and the desire to help everyone. She wants to help this place become a great forest of creativity. She is beautiful dancer and she can talk to animals. She is basically a mature version of Eliza Thornberry and who doesn't want to be lead by Eliza Thornberry. Come on.

Sarah: Oh ho ho ho (hug) you're too kind.

That right there is a difficult act to follow indulging laugh

Now, please allow me to introduce, Rachel, Tafoya, a truly beautiful soul and a role model for orphaned pandas everywhere. Seriously, I know. We both took ethics last year. Did you all know she’s the current junior class pre- cough cough CO president? I think she’s doing a GRRREeat job. She’s a writer, did you know that? Any of you read those twilight books? Hm? Hm? For realsies guys, who could take a pipe to that face?

Rachel, goddess, oceanographer, destroyer of worlds has been here at Solebury since the dawn of time. She knows what's what, yall.

Henri, our lovely companion, is part three of our ménage à trois. We are conducting a speeding train towards victory. Just make sure you're on board.

Rachel: Henri is really the backbone of this organization; we couldn't do it without him.

He has a perfect attendance record and he's gotten the Nobel peace prize (Sarah: Three times!) and he's been in the lead role of every play since he's been here.

Sarah: Henri gives me a reason to get up in the morning and really just motivates me day to day.

Rachel, while Sarah plays guitar: So, we gathered you all here to this assembly today because...well...we just really think you're all beautiful and we just love to look at you. We're just going to take a look you at you all....

Anyway, we really think the environment is uhm quite the thing, ya know? We want to bring it to you all, in high DEF. we’re thinkin’ more trees, little bit more of that uh green stuffs. How bout one them compostes? Yeah you like that? Kyle rossi likes it. We like books, do you like books? Of course you like books, how about we get more books in that big building on the hill where hanna works? Wanna get more books?? Eh? Huh? Yeah? We should doooit. Let’s work on our…veganism because that’s a growing trend. We like our vegans, we like ‘em healthy. But we don’t wanna upset all the carnivores, YEAH YOU LIKE MEAT!

How many of you out there like cookies? Though we love cookies and wish to see the triumphant return of cookie day…

We don’t do those bribes.

We support magic of both the harry potter and the gathering variety (Sarah: we’re going to bring you magic) Hand motions.

In conclusions: vote for us and we’ll save all the polar bears.

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