We're Still Screaming

A few years ago I made some snide comment about music videos on this very blog. In the comment section, I believe. Anyway, I've been made a fool of several times since then. I've even made a music video. So that in it of itself would be enough reason to feel I spoke rashly. I certainly don't need anyone else making a music video that obfuscates most of my unseen creative output. Well Goddamn Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire. I've been writing fiction and screenplays and this and that and the other thing for roughly eight years and everything I wanted to say is pretty succinctly presented in the music video for "The Suburbs." Not that it - the song, the video, both parties - aren't great, but it's a little aggravating to see one shot in a music video tell a story better than a hundred and twenty page script does. Anyway, enjoy this video, it's fucking amazing, the best of it's kind since "Black & White Town" by Doves.


shel said...

Somehow, I still haven't gotten around to listening to the new album. But that isn't the point. The point is this:

Davey, why don't you make music videos?

Scøut said...

Well, I made the one. I'll post it here in a second.