A House Must Come Down

In keeping with the theme of self-made music, here's an EP that Ginny and I recorded over break. The exception to that description is "Good Dog", recorded a little while ago, and featuring Lina Pearson and Sebastian Downs in our cheerleading section. Those guys are awesome. I wrote these, except for "Gjost Rider", which was originally by Suicide, and "Cheatin' Heart", which was writ by Hank Williams and sung by Patsy Cline (the version we like anyway). Ginny sings everything you hear, I played all the instruments. We did these songs quick, trying not to do a lot of takes, preferring to just rock hard and quickly. It's not really punk music, but it's close enough. The first song was definitely in keeping with a punk style of quoting heavily from a famous dictator, and the rest was just me trying to sound like Hüsker Dü. The music and quote elsewhere is stolen from the classic "Manos": The Hands of Fate, a film MSTies, if not most of the world, ought to be familiar with. The whole record has a very simple story: America was an abusive husband, so its wives killed it and went to jail. Ginny plays the part of all the wronged women. It's a tribute to how awesome this country will never be and to women-in-prison films, which we both love. The album title is a reference to a quote from a documentary about strikes at Columbia University in 1969.
A House Must Come Down by UATWMotherfuckers

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