The Hottest Comedians Alive!

After all that prestige, it's time for a list that couldn't matter less in the world: judging people who make their living using their brains, based on their looks! I wouldn't have made this dumb list if I didn't find these people hilarious as well as gorgeous, and because standards of beauty are ridiculous and to be a silly person. And also because I don't think that funny gentleman get told enough how handsome they are. Consider this that, you beautiful laff-riots!

In no order!

The Boys

1. Peter Serafinowicz

2. Paul F. Tompkins
3. Wyatt Cenac
4. Russel Brand
5. Eric Andre
6. Sean O'Neil* not a comedian per se, but a very funny person all the same.
7. Chris Pratt
8. Matt Berry
9. Jason Mantzoukas (but only when he's got the full beard and crazy hair thing going on)
10. Ben Schwartz

The Ladies

1. Jenny Slate
2. Carlen Altman
3. Jen Kirkman
4. Julie Klausner
5. Abby Elliott
6. Jamie Denbo
7. Wendi McLendon-Covey
8. Josie Long
9. Alison Brie
10. Aubrey Plaza

Addendum: Gents: Jon Hamm doesn't count...though lord knows we all wish he did...
I was conflicted about John Cho, Colin Hanks and Adam Scott what with their being in real movies first and slowly transitioning to comedy, but still doing dramatic work alongside their funnier gigs. Patton Oswalt wins the adorable prize, with runner-up being Zach Galifianakis. And that Tim Heidecker's kinda cute.

Ladies: Malin Akerman, Isla Fisher, Alia Shawkat, Lucy Davis and Olivia Munn seem like bad choices because their ambitions largely lie outside the realm of funny things. But if they did a stand-up set every once in a while, or stopped appearing in straight-to-redbox action films they'd definitely be here (though if Akerman was in anything funnier than Stolen last year, I don't know what it would be. And she's clearly having a lot of fun; after all, who wouldn't want to be in a Nicholas Cage film!?). And Shawkat and Munn seem to want to leave their comedy backgrounds behind in favor of home-produced diaspora dramedies and ensemble character pieces, respectively. And I can't blame them as they're doing fantastic work. Amy Poehler is 11.

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