The 68 Comeback Special, The 68 Comeback Special

Over at Shadowplay you'll find David Cairns on the rather good, always beguiling Je T'Aime Je T'aime, by Alain Resnais. Resnais' Modus Operandi always resembled a failed experiment in time travel (this is what made him so good), so it makes sense that he'd actually make a film about a time traveller. If it never reaches the highs of Marienbad, Providence, or Hiroshima Mon Amour I think it's because he imposed rules and a structure on himself, which hems him in just a hair too much. When the '68 Comeback Special draws to a close I might revisit this fascinating work just for fun. But go and enjoy David's take on the film which is typically fantastic! And participate in his erotic questionnaire while you're at it. 

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