First Views, 2013; or, It Took You This Long To See That?

I really should have been doing this before now. Over the course of 2013 I saw these older films for the first time and loved them to pieces. 

Major director discoveries/explorations: André De Toth, Joseph Losey, Michael Cimino, Robert Aldrich, Curtis Harrington, Jean Negulesco, Vincente Minelli, Fritz Lang, Lionel Rogosin, Sidney Lumet, Frank Borzage, Richard C. Sarafian, Souleymane Cissé, Arthur Penn, Budd Boetticher, Elaine May, & Robert Greene.

Performers that made the biggest impression/made me see them in a new light: Maria Callas, Gretchen Moll, Randolph Scott, Cyd Charisse, Regina Baff, Burt Lancaster, Elaine May, Annie McGreevey, Taylor Mead, Joe Don Baker, Lynn Redgrave, Sean Connery & Fred Astaire.

Unforgettable rep screenings: Sorcerer & The New World on 35mm at BAMCinematek. L'Avventura on 35mm at Film Forum. 
Maria Callas on the set of Pasolini's Medea
Kam čert nemůže
Two Weeks In Another Town
The Haunting of Julia
The Eyes of Laura Mars
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
The Missouri Breaks
Murphy's War
Emperor of the North Pole
Cut-Throats Nine
The Terminal Man
The Sugarland Express
Letter Never Sent
The Three Musketeers (1973)
Colossus: The Forbin Project
Man in the Wilderness
Night Tide
Autumn Leaves
The Cars That Ate Paris
The Gypsy Moths
The Sorcerers
The Spirit
The Loveless
All That Jazz
Manhattan Murder Mystery
All The President's Men
Park Row
Next of Kin (Australian)
The Notorious Bettie Page
Three Comrades
Inside Daisy Clover
Comanche Station
Letter From An Unknown Woman
Day for Night
The Desperate Hours (1990)
Chronicles of the Years of Fire
The Woman In White
Sacred Ground
The King of Marvin Gardens
Badou Boy
The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle
Fake It So Real
The Gay Divorcee
History Is Made At Night
Pitfall (1948)
Din of Celestial Birds
The Rise & Fall of Legs Diamond
Dark Water
My Name is Julia Ross
The Gauntlet
Thomasine & Bushrod
...All The Marbles
Hard Times
In Vanda's Room
Hellraiser 2
Flesh + Blood
Vera Cruz
Ulzana's Raid
A New Leaf
Mystery of Picasso
The Outfit
Mickey One
Lolly-Madonna XXX
Medium Cool
The Mortal Storm
Babo 73
Below The Belt
Stage Door
Purple Noon
The Great Moment
Odd Obsession
The Enchanting Shadow
The Delinquents
The Man In The White Suit
The Ninth Circle
The Lady With The Little Dog
The Chasers
Home From The Hill
You Only Live Once
Most Dangerous Man Alive
Anatomy of a Murder
The Color of Money
L'Amérique Insolite
The Ladykillers
Stormy Monday
He Who Gets Slapped
The Outrage
Manhattan Melodrama
Carson City
The Lavender Hill Mob
Stranger on the Third Floor
Last of the Mobile Hot Shots
The Offence
The Hill
Go West
Come Back, Africa
Das Schloß (1968)
Day of the Outlaw
Daddy Long Legs 
To Die For
Portrait of Jennie
Flight of the Phoenix
The Reckless Moment
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot
Die Nibelungen
The Upthrown Stone
The World of Henry Orient
Hangmen Also Die!
Ministry of Fear
Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round
The Prowler
Drive, He Said
The Hired Hand
Man in the Wilderness

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