Impressions of an Accident

Watching films on my computer is a large part of my existence these days. It's how I'm forced to see some of the rarer and more important films ever made, because they don't get theatrical showings, repertory or otherwise, and will likely never get DVD or blu-ray releases. It's to the point now where my computer's a little behind the times and can't always handle the enormity of some of these things and VLC, the player of choice, glitches now and again. And so it was reading a Blu-Ray of Joseph Losey's excellent Harold Pinter collaboration Accident (director of photography Gerry Fisher) while I was trying to upload footage on the same hard drive. Needless to say that's one too many things for the old girl to handle. And as frustrating as it was, it did make for some wonderful mistakes, jumping frames and leaky pixels that look closer to Pierre-Auguste Renoir than Losey. Here they are, works of art that can only happen one way, one time. I think there's something haunting about them. The future and the past colliding and melting into each other.

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