My Funeral in 15 Films

The following is inspired by Kyle Turner's questionnaire over at his Film Critic of the Week podcast. It is how I'd like my funeral to be conducted. I'd like it to be celebrated by a day of movies at my favourite theatre in the world. 

Arrive at the Brattle Theatre, Boston, at 5:00 AM. Be seated by ushers and given coffee and breakfast. Catering by the staff of the Pulse Cafe (may they similarly rest in peace). 

5:30 AM : The Wrong Trousers directed by Nick Park

6 AM : La Belle Endormie directed by Catherine Breillat

7:30 AM : The Long Day Closes directed by Terence Davies

9:00 AM : Leave Her To Heaven directed by John M. Stahl

11:00 AM : The Big Bird Cage directed by Jack Hill

1:00 PM : The Royal Tenenbaums directed by Wes Anderson

3:00 PM : Mon Oncle directed by Jacques Tati

5:00 PM : L'Avventura directed by Michelengelo Antonioni 

7:30 PM : Pierrot Le Fou directed by Jean-Luc Godard

9:30 : Unsere Afrikareise directed by Peter Kubelka

9:40 : Rabbit Seasoning directed by Chuck Jones

9:50 : A Sheep in the Deep directed by Chuck Jones

10:15 PM : The Red Shoes directed by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger

12:35 AM : Pandora & The Flying Dutchman directed by Albert Lewin

2:40 AM : Apocalypse Now Redux directed by Francis Ford Coppola 

6:00 AM Coffee while Paul Robeson records are played. Leave as the sun comes up. 

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