more argument about juno

You have good points about some things, but overall I believe the movie was still good! I suppose it's because I'm not a great film critic and no nothing besides what the film actually presented, but...with my little knowledge I thought it was pretty fun to watch.

1. I was talking about this today, and I was told that some people (and me aswell) enjoy the odd way they talk because it made it a bit more funny. I liked that it was a bit unrealisitic.

Was that teacher supposed to be in his sixties? I did find it odd that the friend liked him, I must say. It was not logical and it was odd. I didn't think a bunch of the things in this movie were logical. I liked that about this movie.

2. It was odd how understanding her parents were, how it played out, and everything else. I was confused by how accepting the parents were, but as for how it played out I would have to say it was just to add to the overall movie even if it was illogical and even if it made the message off. I don't think it was good that they were basically sending out the message to everyone that "if you get pregnant as a teenager, everything will turn out just fine!" etc. The story was still amusing, however.

It was not in character for Juno to agree to give the baby to someone like Jennifer Garner's character. The point, however, was that the character ended up being a really good mother in the end after all of the things that happened in the movie. She changed throughout the movie and that was what made it so sweet in the end  when she got the baby...  I thought she would give it to an irresponsible musician as well. But she didn't and that was fun! xD

That slow dance thing was freaky-weird. I don't think it was in-character for either of them. It WAS wrong!

3. The way she was was fun, because I liked the way it played out when she interacted with other characters who were so different from her. I liked her. 

Anyways, I will skip number four because it confused me. Hah.

5. I like some of Kimya Dawson's songs. I would have preferred if there was a little less of her in the movie and a little more of someone else. I thought it was cute when they sang it in the end.

However, this is just my opinion.

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