Why My Friends Don't Come Over Anymore

A Song without music

Why My Friends Don't Come Over Anymore

I couldn't help but notice that when the snow thawed away
My friends and I never played like we used to play
Sure i saw it coming, but it saddens just the same
Who now will i look to when i wish to play my games

I guess I could have been nicer to my gang when they were here
And not shouted obscenities at the ones I hold dear
I often played nice, though often I did not
Pushing and shoving before the game had its start

I got competitive when doing ordinary things
the first one on the sofa, the first one to sing
These little competitions were fine, in my eyes at least
I made the losers sit in closets with beasts

I left food on the floor for to bring in the mice
My friends weren't so sure, but i found them nice
but the mice brought their fleas and the fleas brought disease
they promised to come back in just a few weeks

I played my organ as loud as can be
i wanted to hear it over their laughter you see
I showed them my monkeys paw, my collection of ants
Sang all the hits when they fancied a dance

I locked jane in the basement, an accident i swear
I haven't yet found the keys, so she's still down there
I talk endlessly.....about nothing
They promised to come back and dropped everything

Sometimes I miss them, sometimes I worry
They swore after all, but they left in a hurry
I'm sure they'll come back when the timing is right
Or maybe i'll go play at their house tonight.

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