Dennis' Guitar

the finest in hobo technology

After being kicked in by a certain someone who will remain anonymous, (for referral purposes, we'll call him Stephen Penny) Dennis Liana's guitar went through several reconstructive surgeries in my basement.

It's latest problem was that the piece of wood holding the saddle in place snapped off, so none of the strings were raised and consequently muted.I have fixed this by making a new saddle out of a piece of wood and some notched nails. It is held in by bolts and can be easily removed from the face of the guitar, in case it doesn't work out too well. I'm worried the sharp metal edges may cut up the strings, but so far, under full tension, they seem to be fine.


Sc√łut said...

That's some pretty magical workshop-type radge

Unknown said...

Wandering around the vast expanses of the interwebz i happened upon an old friend that has since our last meeting changed greatly. My guitar looks awsome now. glad to see it still is used.- hip