Hello, Cairo!

According to Blogger, we received a few pageviews today from someone in Cairo. That's great praise: following national web disconnection, someone has made it his or her priority to read Film Punk.

By looking at the reference URL, we find that this occasion was brought forth by Dave's supernatural ability to post unworldly movie stills. Well done, lad.

This job is finally paying off - internationally!


Scøut said...

To reader(s) in Cairo,

I'm unbelievably touched by your visit and only hope our silly blog has given you a few moments distraction from the terrible things you're experiencing. We all wish for a resolution and hope that you can find comfort in our obsessive listing of things, our bizarre, sporadic status updates, our perplexing original material and our selective pop-culture reporting. You have our deepest sympathy and gratitude for coming here.


Scøut said...

Incidentally if you'd like to open a dialogue about Tsai Ming-Liang's Visage, we'd be only too happy to host your thoughts about it. Or if you need to see it, we'd be only too happy to help you do so.

shel said...

It should appear that our blog has helped bring about the end of a tyrannical regime. Mark's going to be so jealous.

Scøut said...

as he should be. Always.