The Many Loves of Charlie Chaplin

A silly poem
by D.S. Tafoya

The first one's name was Mildred Harris, he promised her that she'd see Paris
The second one was Lita Grey, she took his cash to his dismay
The third one was Paulette Goddard, he charmed her on the boulevard
The last one was Oona O'Neill, he gave her pearls to cop a feel
In between was Marion Davies, they would have wed but he had scabies
He even took out Louise Brooks but she must not have cared for his looks
His first fling was Hetty Kelly, she said no and just as well He
may have slept with Joan Barry but the details of their tryst are hairy
He took up with Edna Purviance for a strictly business work romance
He went out with Pola Negri but mostly for the poparazzi
His time with Merna Kennedy was a minor infidelity
A short spell spent with one May Reeves, the end left neither one bereaved
He charmed the pants off Georgia Hale, but they went back on when he set sail
Women loved Chaplin to be sure but you can bet he loved them more.


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