Palm Adore

This is more about discovering my limitations as a cinephile than as a definitive ranking of anything, but I went through every year's crop of films and assigned prizes as if they were all competing at the Cannes Film Festival. This is maybe a little silly, but it was also fun. This stems from my constant frustration that the Palme is not routinely rewarded to the film that breaks the most ground for the art of cinema. Amour springs to mind. Fine enough movie (if you're into that sort of thing) but grammatically conventional. Remember that was the year Holy Motors played in competition. I added the Camera d'Or the year that Cannes did just to stop myself from going totally insane. And I'm playing by Cannes rules in that I'm trying not to give any one film two awards, which means compromise in categories. So, again, not a definitive ranking, just a game. Oh, and I'm starting arbitrarily in 1930.


Palme d’Or: Morocco
Grand Prix: L'Age d'Or
Prix du Jury: Earth
Director: Josef Von Sternberg - The Blue Angel / Morocco
Actor: Lon Chaney - The Unholy Three
Actress: Pola Illéry - Under The Roofs of Paris
Screenplay: The Blue Angel


Palme d’Or: M
Grand Prix: The 3 Penny Opera
Prix du Jury: Night Nurse
Director: Rene Clair - A Nous la Liberte
Actor: Ronald Colman - Arrowsmith
Actress: Dorothy Mackaill - Safe in Hell
Screenplay: Frankenstein


Palme d’Or: Vampyr
Grand Prix: Freaks
Prix du Jury: The Most Dangerous Game
Director: Josef Von Sternberg - Shanghai Express
Actor: Charles Laughton - Island of Lost Souls
Actress: Jean Harlow - Red Dust
Screenplay: Trouble In Paradise


Palme d’Or: Testament of Dr. Mabuse
Grand Prix: King Kong
Prix du Jury: Duck Soup
Director: Fritz Lang - Testament of Dr. Mabuse
Actor: Paul Robeson - Emperor Jones
Actress: Ruby Keeler - 42nd Street
Screenplay: The Emperor Jones


Palme d’Or: The Black Cat
Grand Prix: Man of Aran
Prix du Jury: Dames
Director: Josef Von Sternberg - The Scarlet Empress
Actor: W.C. Fields - It's A Gift
Actress: Claudette Colbert - It Happened One Night
Screenplay: It Happened One Night


Palme d’Or: La Bandera
Grand Prix: Top Hat
Prix du Jury: The Informer
Director: Karl Freund - Mad Love
Actor: Boris Karloff - The Black Room
Actress: Marlene Dietrich - The Devil is a Woman
Screenplay: A Night at the Opera


Palme d’Or: Follow The Fleet
Grand Prix: Things To Come
Prix du Jury: Fury
Director: Busby Berkeley - Gold Diggers of 1937
Actor: William Powell - My Man Godfrey
Actress: Sylvia Sidney - Sabotage
Screenplay: Dodsworth


Palme d’Or: Grand Illusion
Grand Prix: Lost Horizon
Prix du Jury: The Hurricane
Director: Frank Borzage - History is Made at Night
Actor: Victor Moore - Make Way for Tomorrow
Actress: Beulah Bondi - Make Way For Tomorrow
Screenplay: Pepe le Moko


Palme d’Or: Alexander Nevsky
Grand Prix: The Lady Vanishes
Prix du Jury: Bringing up Baby
Director: Marcel Carne - Port of Shadows
Actor: Cary Grant - Holiday
Actress: Simone Simon - La Bete Humaine
Screenplay: The Lady Vanishes


Palme d’Or: Rules of the Game
Grand Prix: Young Mr. Lincoln
Prix du Jury: Only Angels Have Wings
Director: John Ford - Young Mr. Lincoln/Stagecoach
Actor: Jean Gabin - Daybreak
Actress: June Duprez - The Four Feathers
Screenplay: Jamaica Inn


Palme d’Or: The Thief of Bagdad
Grand Prix: Fantasia 
Prix du Jury: Go West
Director: John Ford - The Long Voyage Home
Actor: Cary Grant - His Girl Friday
Actress: Rosalind Russell - His Girl Friday
Screenplay: The Philadelphia Story


Palme d’Or: Citizen Kane 
Grand Prix: Swamp Water
Prix du Jury: The Lady Eve
Director: Michael Curtiz - The Sea Wolf
Actor: Walter Huston - The Devil & Daniel Webster
Actress: Veronica Lake - Sullivan’s Travels
Screenplay: The Maltese Falcon


Palme d’Or: Casablanca
Grand Prix: Cat People
Prix du Jury: The Jungle Book
Director: Orson Welles - The Magnificent Ambersons
Actor: Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca
Actress: Simone Simon - Cat People
Screenplay: The Palm Beach Story


Palme d’Or: Le Corbeau
Grand Prix: Cabin In The Sky
Prix du Jury: I Walked With A Zombie
Director: Carl Th. Dreyer - Day of Wrath
Actor: Henry Fonda - The Ox-Bow Incident
Actress: Theresa Wright - Shadow of a Doubt
Screenplay: The 7th Victim


Palme d’Or: Ivan The Terrible 
Grand Prix: Curse of the Cat People
Prix du Jury: The Three Caballeros 
Director: Fritz Lang - Ministry of Fear
Actor: Peter Lorre & Sidney Greenstreet - The Mask of Dimitrios
Actress: Nina Foch - Return of the Vampire
Screenplay: Miracle of Morgan’s Creek


Palme d’Or: Leave Her To Heaven
Grand Prix: Children of Paradise
Prix du Jury: My Name Is Julia Ross
Director: Edgar Ulmer - Detour / John Brahm - Hangover Square
Actor: Boris Karloff - The Body Snatcher
Actress: Celia Johnson - Brief Encounter
Screenplay: Scarlet Street


Palme d’Or: Beauty & The Beast
Grand Prix: My Darling Clementine
Prix du Jury: Notorious
Director: Orson Welles - The Stranger
Actor: Fredric March - The Best Years of Our Lives
Actress: Barbara Stanwyck - The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers
Screenplay: Bedlam


Palme d’Or: Black Narcissus
Grand Prix: The Lady From Shanghai
Prix du Jury: Out Of The Past
Director: Robert Montgomery - Lady In The Lake
Actor: Hume Cronyn - Brute Force
Actress: Kathleen Byron - Black Narcissus
Screenplay: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir


Palme d’Or: The Red Shoes
Grand Prix: Unfaithfully Yours
Prix du Jury: Portrait of Jennie
Director: Andre De Toth - Pitfall
Actor: Robert Ryan - Act of Violence
Actress: Joan Fontaine - Letter From An Unknown Woman
Screenplay: Treasure of the Sierra Madra


Palme d’Or: The Third Man
Grand Prix: The Small Back Room
Prix du Jury: Criss Cross
Director: Akira Kurosawa - Stray Dog
Actor: Claude Rains - The Passionate Friends
Actress: Jennifer Jones - We Were Strangers
Screenplay: Thieves Highway


Palme d’Or: Rashomon
Grand Prix: Los Olvidados
Prix du Jury: Wagonmaster
Director: Michael Powell - Gone To Earth
Actor: Richard Widmark - Night And The City
Actress: Barbara Stanwyck - The Furies
Screenplay: In A Lonely Place


Palme d’Or: Pandora & The Flying Dutchman
Grand Prix: The Prowler
Prix du Jury: On Dangerous Ground
Director: Michael Powell - Tales of Hoffmann
Actor: Robert Walker - Strangers on a Train
Actress: Katherine Hepburn - The African Queen
Screenplay: Ace In The Hole


Palme d’Or: Forbidden Games
Grand Prix: Singin’ In The Rain
Prix du Jury: Ikiru
Director: Sam Fuller - Park Row
Actor: Robert Mitchum - The Lusty Men
Actress: Simone Signoret - Casque d’Or
Screenplay: Monkey Business


Palme d’Or: Gate of Hell
Grand Prix: Ugetsu
Prix du Jury: The Man Between
Director: Roy Ward Baker - Inferno
Actor: Richard Widmark - Pick-Up On South Street
Actress: Harriett Andersson - Sawdust & Tinsel
Screenplay: The Wages of Fear


Palme d’Or: Seven Samurai
Grand Prix: Sansho The Bailiff 
Prix du Jury: Godzilla
Director: Nicholas Ray - Johnny Guitar
Actor: James Mason - A Star Is Born
Actress: Jane Wyman - Magnificent Obsession
Screenplay: Rear Window


Palme d’Or: Night of the Hunter
Grand Prix: Lola Montes
Prix du Jury: All That Heaven Allows
Director: Robert Aldrich - Kiss Me Deadly
Actor: James Dean - Rebel Without A Cause
Actress: Marilyn Monroe - The Seven Year Itch
Screenplay: It’s Always Fair Weather


Palme d’Or: The Searchers
Grand Prix: The Killing
Prix du Jury: Moby Dick
Director: Lionel Rogosin - On The Bowery 
Actor: James Mason - Bigger Than Life
Actress: Marilyn Monroe - Bus Stop
Screenplay: Written On The Wind


Palme d’Or: Paths of Glory
Grand Prix: The Seventh Seal
Prix du Jury: Kanal 
Director: Mikhail Kalatozov - The Cranes Are Flying
Actor: Victor Sjöström - Wild Strawberries
Actress: Giulietta Masina - Nights of Cabiria
Screenplay: Sweet Smell of Success


Palme d’Or: Mon Oncle
Grand Prix: Vertigo
Prix du Jury: Ashes & Diamonds
Director: Keisuke Kinoshita - The Ballad of Nayarama
Actor: Robert Taylor - Party Girl
Actress: Jeanne Moreau - The Lovers
Screenplay: The Revenge of Frankenstein


Palme d’Or: Letter Never Sent
Grand Prix: Day of the Outlaw
Prix du Jury: Hiroshima Mon Amour
Director: Alfred Hitchcock - North By Northwest
Actor: Tatsuya Nakadai - The Human Condition / Odd Obsession
Actress: Katherine Hepburn - Suddenly Last Summer
Screenplay: Jakten


Palme d’Or: L’Avventura
Grand Prix: La Dolce Vita
Prix du Jury: Home From The Hill
Director: Iosef Kheifits - The Lady With The Dog
Actor: Toshiro Mifune - The Bad Sleep Well
Actress: Edith Scob - Eyes Without A Face
Screenplay: The Ninth Circle


Palme d’Or: Last Year At Marienbad
Grand Prix: Viridiana
Prix du Jury: Il Posto
Director: Allen Baron - Blast of Silence
Actor: Marcella Mastroianni - Divorce Italian Style
Actress: Anna Karina - A Woman Is A Woman
Screenplay: The Innocents


Palme d’Or: L’Eclisse
Grand Prix: Cleo From 5 to 7
Prix du Jury: Ivan’s Childhood
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci - La Commare Secca
Actor: Peter O’Toole - Lawrence of Arabia
Actress: Anna Karina - Vivre Sa Vie
Screenplay: The Exterminating Angels


Palme d’Or: 8 1/2
Grand Prix: Contempt
Prix du Jury: An Actor’s Revenge / Youth of the Beast
Director: Ermanno Olmi - I Fidanzati
Actor: Richard Harris - This Sporting Life
Actress: Tippi Hedren - The Birds
Screenplay: High & Low


Palme d’Or: Soy Cuba
Grand Prix: Red Desert
Prix du Jury: Onibaba
Director: Masahiro Shinoda - Pale Flower
Actor: Stanley Baker - Zulu
Actress: Yumiko Nogawa - Gate of Flesh
Screenplay:  Woman In The Dunes


Palme d’Or: Chimes At Midnight 
Grand Prix: Le Bonheur
Prix du Jury: Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!
Director: Federico Fellini - Juliet of the Spirits
Actor: Lou Castel - Fists In The Pocket
Actress: Catherine Deneuve - Repulsion
Screenplay: The Hill


Palme d’Or: Blow-Up
Grand Prix: Tokyo Drifter
Prix du Jury: Battle of Algiers
Director: Jean-Pierre Melville - Le Deuxieme Souffle
Actor: Tatsuya Nakadai - Sword of Doom
Actress: Jeanne Moreau - Mademoiselle 
Screenplay: The Pornographers


Palme d’Or: Point Blank
Grand Prix: Marketa Lazarova
Prix du Jury: The Red & The White
Director: Joseph Losey - Accident
Actor: Jo Shishido - Branded To Kill
Actress: Nadine Nortier - Mouchette
Screenplay: Japan’s Longest Day


Palme d’Or: Kuroneko
Grand Prix: 2001: A Space Oddysey
Prix du Jury: Head
Director: Lindsay Anderson - If….
Actor: Peter O’Toole - The Lion In Winter
Actress: Mia Farrow - Rosemary’s Baby
Screenplay: Kill! 


Palme d’Or: Mr. Freeddom
Grand Prix: The Wild Bunch
Prix du Jury: Army of Shadows
Director: Teruo Ishii - Horrors of Malformed Men
Actor: Peter Cushing - Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Actress: Maria Callas - Medea 
Screenplay: Play Dirty


Palme d’Or: The Conformist
Grand Prix: Le Cercle Rouge
Prix du Jury: Zabriskie Point
Director: Jaromil Jires - Valerie & Her Week of Wonders
Actor: Alan Arkin - Catch-22
Actress: Lynn Redgrave - The Last of the Mobile Hot Shots
Screenplay: The Landlord


Palme d’Or: The Devils
Grand Prix: McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Prix du Jury: Punishment Park
Director: Richard C. Sarafian - Man In The Wilderness/Vanishing Point
Actor: Walter Matthau - A New Leaf
Actress: Jane Fonda - Klute
Screenplay: The Last Picture Show


Palme d’Or: Cries & Whispers 
Grand Prix: Solaris
Prix du Jury: Fat City
Director: Francis Ford Coppola - The Godfather
Actor: Peter O’Toole - The Ruling Class
Actress: Patty Duke - You’ll Like My Mother
Screenplay: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 


Palme d’Or: Touki Bouki
Grand Prix: The Mansion of Madness
Prix du Jury: The Friends of Eddie Coyle 
Director: William Friedkin - The Exorcist
Actor: Robert Ryan - The Iceman Cometh
Actress: Tatum O’Neil - Paper Moon
Screenplay: The Last Detail


Palme d’Or: The Conversation
Grand Prix: Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
Prix du Jury: Sweet Movie
Director: Robert Bresson - Lancelot Du Lac
Actor: Elliott Gould & George Segal - California Split
Actress: Madeleine Kahn - Young Frankenstein
Screenplay: Edvard Munch


Palme d’Or: Maitresse
Grand Prix: The Passenger
Prix du Jury: Salo
Director: Robert Mulligan - The Nickel Ride
Actor: Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon
Actress: Delphine Seyreig - Jeanne Dielman
Screenplay: Shivers


Palme d’Or: Private Vices, Public Virtues
Grand Prix: Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Prix du Jury: Who Can Kill A Child? 
Director: Alan Pakula - All The President’s Men
Actor: Peter Falk & John Cassavettes - Mikey & Nicky
Actress: Jodie Foster - The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane
Screenplay: The Winds of Autumn


Palme d’Or: Sorcerer
Grand Prix: The Devil, Probably
Prix du Jury: Eraserhead
Director: Larisa Shepitko - The Ascent
Actor: John Amplas - Martin
Actress: Gena Rowlands - Opening Night
Screenplay: Providence


Palme d’Or: Killer of Sheep
Grand Prix: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Prix du Jury: Dawn of the Dead
Director: Terrence Malick - Days of Heaven
Actor:  Fabrice Luchini - Perceval Le Gallois
Actress: Liv Ulmman & Ingrid Bergman - Autumn Sonata 
Screenplay: The Long Weekend
Camera d’Or: Blue Collar


Palme d’Or: Apocalypse Now
Grand Prix: Nosferatu
Prix du Jury: The Brood
Director: Bob Fosse - All That Jazz
Actor: Ken Watanabe - Vengeance Is Mine
Actress: Sally Field - Norma Rae
Screenplay: Life of Brian
Camera d’Or: Mad Max


Palme d’Or: Berlin Alexanderplatz
Grand Prix: Heaven’s Gate
Prix du Jury: Kagemusha
Director: Dario Argento - Inferno
Actor: Bob Hoskins - The Long Good Friday
Actress: Adrienne Barbeau - The Fog
Screenplay: The Stunt Man
Camera d’Or: The Ninth Configuration


Palme d’Or: Thief
Grand Prix: The Loveless
Prix du Jury: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Director: Tobe Hooper - Funhouse
Actor: Peter Falk - …All The Marbles
Actress: Divine - Polyester
Screenplay: Road Games
Camera d’Or: The Evil Dead


Palme d’Or: Fanny & Alexander 
Grand Prix: Blade Runner
Prix du Jury: The Thing
Director: Tobe Hooper - Poltergeist / Michelangelo Antonioni - Identification of a Woman
Actor: Paul Newman - The Verdict
Actress: Jessica Lange - Frances
Screenplay: Britannia Hospital
Camera d’Or: Diner


Palme d’Or: El Sur
Grand Prix: L’Argent
Prix du Jury: Midnite Spares
Director: John Carpenter - Christine
Actor: Mickey Rourke - Rumble Fish
Actress: Sandrine Bonnaire - A Nos Amours
Screenplay: The Right Stuff
Camera d’Or: The Hunger


Palme d’Or: Stop Making Sense
Grand Prix: Stranger Than Paradise
Prix du Jury: Blood Simple
Director: Russell Mulcahy - Razorback
Actor: Harry Dean Stanton - Paris, Texas
Actress: Karen Allen - Starman
Screenplay: Repo Man
Camera d’Or: This is Spinal Tap


Palme d’Or: Brazil
Grand Prix: To Live And Die in L.A.
Prix du Jury: Runaway Train
Director: Paul Schrader - Mishima
Actor: Tatsuya Nakadai - Ran
Actress: Jennifer Jason Leigh - Flesh + Blood
Screenplay: Return of the Living Dead
Camera d’Or: Blood Simple


Palme d’Or: Caravaggio
Grand Prix: Blue Velvet
Prix du Jury: Down By Law
Director: Michael Mann - Manhunter
Actor: Jeff Goldblum - The Fly
Actress: Beatrice Dalle - Betty blue
Screenplay: Hannah & Her Sisters
Camera d’Or: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


Palme d’Or: Au Revoir Les Enfants
Grand Prix: Ishtar
Prix du Jury: Yeelen
Director: Katheryn Bigelow - Near Dark
Actor: Bruno Ganz & Peter Falk - Wings of Desire
Actress: Holly Hunter - Raising Arizona
Screenplay: Hope & Glory
Camera d’Or: Withnail & I


Palme d’Or: Distant Voices, Still Lives
Grand Prix: Ghosts….of the Civil Dead
Prix du Jury: Another Woman
Director: Tony Randel - Hellbound
Actor: Jeremy Irons - Dead Ringers
Actress: Cyndi Lauper - Vibes
Screenplay: Midnight Run
Camera d’Or: Tales From The Gimli Hospital


Palme d’Or: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover
Grand Prix: Visitor to a Museum
Prix du Jury: Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
Director: Krzystof Kieslowski - The Decalogue
Actor: Daniel-Day Lewis - My Left Foot
Actress: Bulle Ogier - Gang of Four
Screenplay: Crimes & Misdemeanors
Camera d’Or: UHF


Palme d’Or: Close-Up
Grand Prix: Wild At Heart
Prix du Jury: Tilai
Director: Abel Ferrara - King of New York
Actor: Jason Patric - After Dark My Sweet
Actress: Meg Ryan - Joe Versus The volcano
Screenplay: Goodfellas
Camera d’Or: Mortu Nega


Palme d’Or: Lovers on the Bridge
Grand Prix: Double Life of Veronique
Prix du Jury: My Own Private Idaho 
Director: Terry Gilliam - The Fisher King
Actor: Anthony Hopkins - Silence of the Lambs
Actress: Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis - Thelma & Louise
Screenplay: The People Under The Stairs
Camera d’Or: No Skin Off My Ass


Palme d’Or: The Long Day Closes
Grand Prix: Bad Lieutenant
Prix du Jury: Last of the Mohicans
Director: Francis Ford Coppola - Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Actor: Clint Eastwood - Unforgiven
Actress: Sheryl Lee - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Screenplay: Diggstown
Camera d’Or: Alien³ 


Palme d’Or: Schindler’s List
Grand Prix: The Age of Innocence
Prix du Jury: Body Snatchers
Director: James Ivory - Remains of the Day
Actor: David Thewlis - Naked
Actress: Juliet Binoche - Blue
Screenplay: King of the Hill
Camera d’Or: Clean, Shaven


Palme d’Or: The Hudsucker Proxy
Grand Prix: Ashes of Time
Prix du Jury: Super 8 1/2
Director: James Grey - Little Odessa
Actor: Johnny Depp - Ed Wood
Actress: Kate Winslet & Melanie Lynskey - Heavenly Creatures
Screenplay: Pulp Fiction
Camera d’Or: Shallow Grave


Palme d’Or: 12 Monkeys
Grand Prix: Fallen Angels
Prix du Jury: Dead Man
Director: David Fincher - Seven 
Actor: Anthony Hopkins - Nixon
Actress: Emma Thompson - Sense & Sensibility 
Screenplay: Land & Freedom
Camera d’Or: Toy Story


Palme d’Or: Crash
Grand Prix: Trainspotting
Prix du Jury: Fargo
Director: Steven Soderbergh - Schizolopolis
Actor: Philip Baker Hall - Hard Eight
Actress: Maggie Cheung - Irma Vep
Screenplay: The Bird Cage
Camera d’Or: Bottle Rocket


Palme d’Or: Taste of Cherry
Grand Prix: The Sweet Hereafter
Prix du Jury: L.A. Confidential
Director: David Lynch - Lost Highway
Actor: Burt Reynolds - Boogie Nights
Actress: Joan Allen - The Ice Storm
Screenplay: Wings of the Dove
Camera d’Or: Mouse Hunt


Palme d’Or: Khrustyalov, My Car! 
Grand Prix: Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Prix du Jury: Buffalo ’66
Director: Steven Soderbergh - Out of Sight
Actor: Peter Mullan - My Name is Joe
Actress: Jennifer Connely - Dark City
Screenplay: Rushmore
Camera d’Or: Pi


Palme d’Or: Pola X
Grand Prix: Topsy-Turvy
Prix du Jury: Eyes Wide Shut
Director: Martin Scorsese - Bringing Out The Dead
Actor: Denis Lavant - Beau Travail
Actress: Sigourney Weaver - Galaxy Quest
Screenplay: The Insider
Camera d’Or: The Iron Giant


Palme d’Or: In Vanda’s Room
Grand Prix: Together
Prix du Jury: Chicken Run
Director: Wong Kar-Wai - In The Mood For Love
Actor: Javier Bardem - Before Night Falls
Actress: Sylvie Testud - Murderous Maids
Screenplay: Together
Camera d’Or: Sexy Beast


Palme d’Or: Y Tu Mama Tambien
Grand Prix: The Devil’s Backbone
Prix du Jury: The Royal Tenenbaums
Director: Robert Altman - Gosford Park
Actor: Lee Kang-Sheng - What Time Is It There?
Actress: Isabelle Huppert - The Piano Teacher
Screenplay: Mulholland Drive
Camera d’Or: Frailty


Palme d’Or: 28 Days Later
Grand Prix: The Pianist
Prix du Jury: Ten
Director: Claire Denis - Friday Night 
Actor: Kurt Russell - Dark Blue
Actress: Samantha Morton - Morvern Callar
Screenplay: Paul Thomas Anderson - Punch Drunk-Love
Camera d’Or: Jackass: The Movie


Palme d’Or: Elephant
Grand Prix: Down With Love
Prix du Jury: Coffee & Cigarettes
Director: Takashi Miike - Gozu
Actor: Russell Crowe - Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World
Actress: Eva Green - The Dreamers
Screenplay: Intolerable Cruelty 
Camera d’Or: Shattered Glass


Palme d’Or: Birth
Grand Prix: The Aviator
Prix du Jury: L’Intrus
Director: Cate Shortland - Somersault
Actor: Bill Murray - The Life Aquatic
Actress: Julie Delpy - Before Sunset
Screenplay: Anatomy of Hell
Camera d’Or: Innocence


Palme d’Or: The New World
Grand Prix: Broken Flowers
Prix du Jury: Lady Vengeance
Director: Tsai Ming-Liang - The Wayward Cloud
Actor: John Jarratt - Wolf Creek
Actress: Gretchen Mol - The Notorious Bettie Page
Screenplay: Brick
Camera d’Or: The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada


Palme d’Or: Inland Empire
Grand Prix: Big Bang Love: Juvenile A
Prix du Jury: The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Director: Sofia Coppola - Marie Antoinette
Actor: Clive Owen - Children of Men
Actress:  Ivana Baquero - Pan’s Labyrinth
Screenplay: Offside
Camera d’Or: Red Road


Palme d’Or: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Grand Prix: Zodiac
Prix du Jury: Paranoid Park
Director: Andrew Dominik - The Assassnation of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
Actor: Daniel-Day Lewis - There Will Be Blood
Actress: Pauline Acquart, Louise Blachère & Adèle Haenel - Water Lilies
Screenplay: Youth Without Youth
Camera d’Or: Water Lilies 


Palme d’Or: Un Lac
Grand Prix: Let The Right One In 
Prix du Jury: Hunger
Director: Matteo Garrone - Gomorrah
Actor: Joaquin Phoenix - Two Lovers
Actress: Arta Dobroshi - Lorna’s Silence
Screenplay: Synecdoche, New York
Camera d’Or: The Escapist


Palme d’Or: White Material
Grand Prix: Lourdes
Prix du Jury: Vincere
Director: Luca Guadanino - I Am Love
Actor: Edward Hogg - White Lightnin’
Actress: Julie Sokolowski - Hadewijch
Screenplay: The City of Life & Death
Camera d’Or: Hierro


Palme d’Or: The Sleeping Beauty 
Grand Prix: Tuesday, After Christmas
Prix du Jury: On Tour
Director: Takashi Miike - 13 Assassins
Actor: Casey Affleck - The Killer Inside Me
Actress: Ellen Barkin - Shit Year
Screenplay: NEDS
Camera d’Or: Two Gates of Sleep


Palme d’Or: The Tree of Life
Grand Prix: The Deep Blue Sea
Prix du Jury: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Director: Bertrand Bonello - House of Tolerance
Actor: Muhammet Uzuner - Once Upon A Time In Anatolia
Actress: Anna Paquin - Margaret
Screenplay: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Camera d’Or: Two Years At Sea (if this is a technicality fault, then it goes to Coriolanus)


Palme d’Or: Holy Motors / Leviathan
Grand Prix: Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari
Prix du Jury: Aurora
Director: Marco Bellocchio - Dormant Beauty
Actor: Joaquin Phoenix & Philip Seymour Hoffman - The Master
Actress: Melanie Lynskey - Hello I Must Be Going
Screenplay: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
Camera d’Or: The Man With The Iron Fists


Palme d’Or: Hard To Be A God
Grand Prix:  A Touch of Sin
Prix du Jury: A Field In England
Director: James Gray - The Immigrant
Actor: Oscar Isaac - Inside Llewyn Davis
Actress: Scarlett Johansen - Under The Skin
Screenplay: Computer Chess
Camera d’Or: Manakamana


Palme d’Or: Actress
Grand Prix: Pasolini
Prix du Jury: Jauja
Director: Jennifer Kent - The Babadook
Actor: David Oyelowo - Selma
Actress: Nina Hoss - Phoenix
Screenplay: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Camera d’Or: Over The Garden Wall